Oct 31: Kwike

It took us hours and hours to come up with a name for this dry-hopped pale ale, fermented with kveik and brett yeast. Then suddenly someone said Kwike and it felt obvious in a strange kinda way.

Trigger warning: This is not a sour beer!

Oct 19: Maschusch + Nyhetsmorgon = sant

Vi avslutar arbetsveckan med ett klipp från morgonens Nyhetsmorgon, där vår Maschusch fick stå i rampljuset.

Maschusch testas ca 12.10 in i klippet som kan ses här!

Trevlig helg!

Oct 16: Cherry Cherry Lady

In August last year we brewed a beer together with Green Bench Brewing Co. from St. Petersburg, Florida.
That particular beer has been aged in oak barrels for 10 months before we blended it and added generous amounts of cherries to it 🍒

This Friday we’ll release Cherry Red at Systembolaget.

Over and out!

Oct 12: Lusse Lelle & Lusse Lille

Just to be clear, Christmas will be twice as nice this year!

Lusse Lille will be released at the brewery next Thursday, October 18th, and you’re all welcome to come and visit us in Landskrona between 16-18.

Lusse Lelle will be released at Systembolaget December 7th in the exclusive assortment. There’s only 10000 bottles this year, so you might wanna be alert around 10.00 that particular day.

Merry Christmas! 🎅🏻

Oct 6: Stockholm

Friends and family! Fredrik and André are coming to Stockholm tomorrow and they wanna see you badly.

Meet them at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival and make sure you visit Brill & Co’s stand around 15.00 where this years Lusse Lelle release will take place.

Later on, they will be pouring no less than 15 different Brekeriet beers at Mikkeller Stockholm for you.

Do not miss!

P & K

Oct 4: Lusse Lille Release

Mark October 18th in your calendar! It’s time for the second beer release at the brewery in Landskrona. And the beer is of course our latest folköl, Lusse Lille.

Lusse Lille is the baby brother of our popular Christmas beer Lusse Lelle. The taste is very similar with a slight acidity and loads of saffron but with only 3,5% booze!

During these two hours we will also sell our new Brekeriet glasses and some other session sour ales.

Lusse Lille: 30:-/bottle
Picnic Sour Ale: 20:-/bottle
Purpur & Rips: 55:-/bottle
Glasses: 30:-/glass

We will not pour any beer at the brewery and you are not allowed to enter the building due to safety regulations from the fire department. You will be able to see most of the place from the gate anyway though.

Welcome to Österleden 165 in Landskrona between 16.00 and 18.00! ❤️

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