Jan 16: Bridgman Camper

På fredag släpps vår samarbetsbrygd med det eminenta Michiganbryggeriet Transient Artisan Ales på Systembolaget.

Ölet heter Bridgman Camper och är vår tolkning av den utdöda ölstilen Lichtenhainer; lätt rökig, lätt syrlig och alldeles alldeles underbar om du frågar oss.

För några veckor sedan hade vi Niklas från Livets Goda på besök. I artikeln skriver han om just Bridgman Camper, om vår kommande lansering av Pink Passion och även lite om vår stundande Vild-lansering. Väldigt trevlig läsning!

Här hittar du Bridgman Camper på Systembolagets hemsida.

Jan 11: Field Trip release

Where will you be this Saturday?

Well, André will be at Folk & Friends Kungsholmen to pour you a glass of our new passion fruit folköl, Field Trip.

Swing by, say hi and get your fruit fix over with!

Read more about the event here or here!

Jan 8: New caps

Today we got a whole bunch of new caps for the coming Vild series. All of the beers in our Vild series are fermented in oak barrels for at least six months and the beers will mainly be packaged in 375ml champagne bottles with a cork and the new 29mm cap.

We hope to release the first two beers within three months and we are preeeetty excited over here! 🙃

Dec 28: Gothenburg!

Meet André at Brewdog Bar Göteborg this evening and try out our new berry bomb ‘Wrapped In Red’ with cherries, raspberries and strawberries.
If you want to prolong the Christmas spirit and like saffron, don’t miss out on the last keg of our Lusse Lelle!
And if that’s not enough, we’ll also be serving our gluten-free beer Pink Passion, with passion fruit and hibiscus flowers 🙌🏻

Dec 22: Lusse Lelle is coming to town!

You read that right! André is coming to BrewDog Bar in Gothenburg on Thursday December 28th. He’s bringing one keg of the now infamous Lusse Lelle. And if that’s not enough he’s also premiering our new Berliner ‘Wrapped In Red’.

This is one of those events you don’t wanna hear your friends talk about afterwards, just because you couldn’t manage to go there. Be there!

Read more about the event on Facebook!

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