Mar 9: Malmö Öl & Whisky Festival

Will we meet at Malmö Öl & Whiskyfestival 2018 this weekend?

We’re bringing 16 different beers and will start off with these six:

  • Sour & Salt
  • Purple Rain
  • Vild Krikon
  • Bridgman Camper
  • Alpha Beta
  • Picnic Sour Ale

We’ll put a new beer on as soon as another one goes dry and the beer we choose depends on your current mood 🙌🏻

Hope to see you later today!

Mar 7: Merch

Är du också sugen på ett sånt där litet Brekerietglas till ditt vintrinskåp där hemma?
Både det och den vackra tygpåsen går att beställa från Glasbankens hemsida.
Där kan man även beställa några av våra öl om man tycker sånt är gott.

Följ denna länken!

Ölen som Amadeus så vackert fyller glaset med är kommande batch av Purple Rain. Den är god!


Mar 1: Cassis Vild

Today marks a milestone in the history of Brekeriet!

Before the opening of Brewskival 2016, the three of us brothers sat down for a lunch meeting to discuss the future for our oak fermented wild ales. We knew we wanted to produce these beers separated from our ordinary production but under the same roof. And we knew we wanted to increase the fermentation capacity in oak tremendously.

This little project took some serious planning, sketching, digging, plumbing, piping, wiring, building, tiling, sweating, buying, and of course brewing and aging.

To differentiate these beers from our regular ones, we’re soon releasing a new series of beers called ‘Vild’.

When you buy a Vild you’re buying a beer that has been fermented and aged for at least six months in oak barrels. It all comes in olive green 37,5cL champagne bottles with a natural cork and a cap on top. The artwork and the labels are also differing a lot from our usual ones.

So now, exactly one and a half year after that lunch meeting, we’re packaging the first ‘Vild’, and the only suitable beer for this grand premiere is of course Cassis.

Cassis will be released in a limited amount at the Swedish Systembolaget later this spring.

We really hope you like it! ❤️


Feb 22: Jester King

Our last stop for this US trip is at our friends Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas.

We can’t believe we’re brewing a coolship beer at this place, where we’re staying for two days.

Can’t wait to try the beer! 😍

Feb 20: New Orleans

We’re visiting Avenue Pub in New Orleans tonight, and we’d love to see you there!
Are you in town, by chance? Please swing by and try some Swedish wild ales and chitchat with Fredrik and André!

Read more about the event here: Brekeriet Comes South!

Feb 1: Alpha Beta

Meet Alpha Beta – packed with beetroot, passionfruit, lime and vanilla. If we were allowed to call it a health drink, we would!

As always, we only use real fruit and veggies. Simply because you guys deserves the real deal!

Jan 26: Vild Collab

The last illustration in our Vild series is finally done!

This label will make all of the Vild collab bottles look pretty. First out, the Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co collab we made last May, with a release in a couple of months. Wait for it!

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