Mar 29: Spring at the brewery

Mark April 2nd in your calendar. Between 16-18 you’re welcome to the brewery to buy your spring beers!

During these two hours we will sell folk- and lättöl, Brekeriet glasses and tote bags.

All In Folks: 25:-/bottle
Field Trip: 30:-/bottle
Picnic Sour Ale: 20:-/bottle
Picnic Sunrise: 25:-/bottle
Purpur: 55:-/bottle
Rips: 55:-/bottle
Table Beer: 20:-/bottle

Glasses: 30:-/glass
Tote Bag: 100:-/bag

Cash, card and Swish are accepted.

We will not pour any beer at the brewery and you are not allowed to enter the building due to safety regulations from the fire department. You will be able to see most of the place from the gate anyway though.

Welcome to Österleden 165 in Landskrona between 16.00 and 18.00! ❤️

Mar 21: A trip down memory lane…

In the summer and fall of 2011, before we decided to start our brewery in Djurslöv, we had great plans to turn this beautiful old silo building into our brewery.

This five stories tall building in the middle of nowhere was supposed to room a complete brewery and warehouse with a tasting room with an awesome 360° view of Skåne on the top floor.


Who knows where we would end up if we would start the brewery here instead.
The building seems to be empty still. Maybe it will become a farmhouse brewery someday…

Mar 20: Skåningar överallt!

Göteborg! Det blir flytt!

På fredag är det Skåne som gäller för hela slanten. Droppa in på Brewers Beer Bar Magasinsgatan och drick skånskt från oss, Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri, Benchwarmers Brewing Co, Malmö Brewing Co och Hyllie Bryggeri.

Mer info finner ni på Facebook!

Vi ses!

Mar 11: Vildarna

Vi hade våra vänner från Brill & Co på besök för några veckor sedan. Som vår distributör och därmed vår största försäljningsplattform ville de göra ett djupdyk i vår exklusiva Vildserie och veta vad som gör serien så speciell.

Här kan du hitta allt du vill veta om våra Vildar!

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