The weekend we’ve all been waiting for has finally come!

For the third year in a row we’ve been invited to this crazy beer event hosted by Mikkeller. In company with many other nice breweries from all over the world we’ll be pouring eight beers at four different sessions in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen today and tomorrow.

So which beers are we pouring then?

Yellow session:

  • Vanilj – 5,2%
  • Scanium (Collab To Øl/Stillwater) – 6,0%

Blue session:

  • Hallon – 6,0%
  • B My Alphahoney (Collab B. Nektar) – 10,0%

Red session:

  • Zuur – 5,0%
  • Sunny State (Collab Cycle Brewing) – 6,0%

Green session:

  • Blondette – 6,0%
  • Surfeber (Collab Brewski) – 7,0%

Here’s all the info. See you there!