Cassis, oh f*cking Cassis

September 2012. At Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival where three brothers with an hobby import company were about to release their own creations for the first time; Saison, Pickener Farmhouse Ale, Roken and…Cassis.

48 small bottles of Cassis to be exact. Cassis, which only was a small experiment Christian made with some blackcurrants he got from his former job. Blackcurrants that were going to be thrown away and eaten by larvae before he took care of them and embraced their amazing flavor into a small batch of beer.

…back to Stockholm Beer.
Just minutes before we were going to release these four products, where one of them wasn’t even announced in the program – Cassis.
Christian took a sip of this deep red ”beer” and totally rejected it, like a cat mom might reject her kittens.
It tasted awful, he said. I won’t serve this, he said.
Me and Fredrik bursted into tears but realized quite quick that this experiment would end its history there and then.

However, it turned out Christian just recently brushed his teeth and as you all know, sourness and toothpaste don’t go hand in hand. We chose to take the risk and serve it to the unknowing customers.

Now we’re quite glad we chose that path instead of pouring it down the drain. Cassis has been with us since. Cassis is our highest rated beer ever and for some reason we can’t brew anything like Cassis, according to peoples ratings, because Cassis will always be the one Cassis that paved the path for Brekeriet.

Tonight, some years later we will release batch number 15 of this beer, Cassis. This is the largest batch (and best if you ask us) ever and we bottled it just two weeks ago. It’s already all gone!
We’ve shipped this beers to all kinds of places but still there’s places left. We want everyone to have this beer, because we love it and apparently a lot of people do.
Despite the fact this beer being a pain in the ass to brew, being expensive as shit and taking forever to ferment we will continue to brew this beer. It’s a promise!

We would love to share this drink together with you at BrewDog Bar Malmö this evening. Please swing by and say hi. To Cassis!

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