Dec 19: Two specials

Today we’ve packaged two really special beers and we wanted the bottles to differ a lot from both our core beers and our Vild beers. Because of that we chose to use 750ml bottles and labels with artwork from one of our favorite artist, David McKie, and he nailed it!

Maybe you recognize his artwork from labels from Speciation Artisan Ales and Transient Artisan Ales where he really creates something awesome.

What about the two beers then?!

Nobel Ek 2018 is an organic noble saison (!) aged with brett in Rioja wine barrels for nine months. Noble, yet complex with a subtle oak touch to it. We’re really satisfied with how this turned out and plan to release this beer every year from now on. 7,0% ABV.

King’s Goblet is a strong ale (13% ABV) also aged with brett in our ”clean” Rioja wine barrels. Malty and complex with notes of dried fruit and oak, this dangerously refreshing strong ale will suit as an aperitif or for dessert.

Both beers will be released within a couple of months 🥂

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