Brekeriet Bar with friends, August 8 at Hamnmästaren Malmö

Photo: Robert Helberg,

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Download the beer list here

The Booze:

Brewery Location Beer Style ABV Keg/Bottle
Alvinne Belgium Kerasus Sour/Wild Ale 6,0% Bottle
Amager Bryghus Denmark Arctic Sunstone American Pale Ale 6,0% Keg
Amager Bryghus Denmark Gone Porto Niepoort BA Imperial Stout 10% Bottle
Amager Bryghus Denmark RyePorter Porter 8,5% Keg
Beerbliotek Gothenburg Bourbon BA Belgian Barley Wine Belgian Barley Wine  11% Keg
Beerbliotek Gothenburg Flower Power & Passion Saison  Saison 6,1% Keg
Black Barrels Italy Vedova Nera Sour Brown Ale 6,2% Keg
Brekeriet Djurslöv Argouse Fruit Beer 5,5% Keg
Brekeriet Djurslöv Brunette Sour Brown Ale 6,0% Keg
Brekeriet Djurslöv Cassis Fruit Beer 5,4% Bottle
Brekeriet Djurslöv Danskdjævlar (Collab w/ Djævlebryg) Wild Stout 8,5% Keg
Brekeriet Djurslöv Sour & Salt Gose Style Ale 5,5% Keg
Brekeriet Djurslöv Sour White Sour Wheat Ale 5,0% Keg
Brekeriet Djurslöv Sourley Wine Double Mash Sour Barley Wine 11% Bottle
Brekeriet Djurslöv Verano Sour Ale 4,5% Keg
Brewdog Scotland Pilot 005 Sorachi Bitter 6,3% Keg
Brewdog Scotland Pilot 009 Spiced Cherry Sour 6,1% Keg
Brewdog Scotland Sink The Bismarck India Pale Ale 42% Bottle
Brewdog Scotland Tactical Nuclear Penguin Stout 32% Bottle
Brewski Helsingborg From Skåne With Love (Collab w/ Brekeriet ) Saison 6,0% Keg
Brewski Helsingborg Passionfeber India Pale Ale 7,0% Keg
Brewski Helsingborg Warpdrive Saison 6,0% Keg
Flying Couch Denmark Dude America Pale Ale 5,5% Keg
Flying Couch Denmark Mary Hoppings India Pale Ale 6,8% Keg
Hof Ten Dormaal Belgium BA Project: No.9 Grappa Belgian Strong Ale 12% Bottle
Hof Ten Dormaal Belgium Collab w/ De Leite Blonde Ale 7,0% Bottle
Hof Ten Dormaal Belgium Kriek Fruit Beer 6,5% Bottle
Hof Ten Dormaal Belgium The Politician Belgian Strong Ale 7,5% Bottle
Hof Ten Dormaal Belgium Vallen en Opstaan (Collab w/ De Molen) Imperial Stout 9,3% Bottle
Hof Ten Dormaal Belgium Zure van Tildonk 2014 Sour/Wild Ale 6,0% Bottle
Hyllie Bryggeri Hyllie Double IPA (BBWF Edition) Double India Pale Ale 8,2% Keg
Hyllie Bryggeri Hyllie Double Nitro Stout (BBWF Edition) Imperial Stout 9,4% Keg
LoverBeer Italy BeerBrugna 2014 Sour/Wild Ale 6,2% Bottle
LoverBeer Italy Nebiulin-a 2011-2014 Sour/Wild Ale 8,0% Bottle
Malheur Belgium Biere Brut Belgian Strong Ale 11% Bottle
Malheur Belgium Cuvée Royale Belgian Strong Ale 9,0% Bottle
Malheur Belgium Dark Brut Belgian Strong Ale 12% Bottle
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Alpha Beach India Pale Ale 6,3% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Burnt Daylight Black Session India Pale Ale 4,0% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Cacao x Vanilla Porter 8,0% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Canned Wheat India Pale Ale 7,0% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Daylight Session India Pale Ale 4,5% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Janky Stout Stout 5,8% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Lazy Ass American Pale Ale 5,6% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Ruby Soho Red Ale 5,5% Keg
Malmö Brewing Co. Malmö Transilient Mild Ale 4,7% Keg
Monkish Brewing Co. USA Brown Habit Saison 8,3% Bottle
Rocket Brewing Co. Denmark First Contact Farmhouse Ale 6,3% Keg
Rocket Brewing Co. Denmark Zero Gravity Brett IPA 7,1% Keg
Trois Dame Switzerland Grande Dame Sour Brown Ale 7,0% Keg

Download the beer list here


Q: What is this new idea of yours, ”Brekeriet Bar with friends”?
A: We’ve invited nine friends (eight breweries and one importer) to join us behind the bar and pour their preciousness.

Q: And who might these friends be?
A: Amager Bryghus, Beerbliotek, BrewDog, Brewski, Constant Companion, Flying Couch Brewing, Hof Ten Dormaal, Hyllie Bryggeri, Rocket Brewing Company

Q: Ok, cool, what will they do?
A: Each brewery/importer will be represented with two or more beers and at least one staff member that will work in the bar.

Q: So, how then do I get a jug of the delicious beer from Brekeriet?
A: Our beers will also be poured in the bar, of course!

Q: Great, and how do I get a thirst-quenching beer from Malmö Brygghus?
A: Don’t worry! A lot of their beers will be served at Hamnmästaren as usual.

Q: Very well, now how do I pay for my glass of awesomeness?
A: First you gotta buy beer tokens (ölpolletter) in one of the three token stands. Both card and cash is accepted. The tokens will cost 20SEK each and will serve as payment in the beer bar in the garden. 1 token = 1 drink taste (except for two beers). When you buy your tokens you will get a glass that is yours to keep. Take good care of your glass during the dag/night since it is to be re-used during the event.

Q: And if I get hungry?
A: Hamnmästaren will be serving food as usual and we guarantee that you won’t stay hungry for long! Pay food or drinks from the bar inside with cash or card. See menu (in Swedish) further down.

Q: But what if I can’t afford the entrance fee?
A: Entrance fee? Who said anything about entrance fee? It’s of course free entrance to this event!

Q: My dog wants to come!
A: Of course he/she wants to come. Bring him/her. He/she is welcome!

Q: So, will I have a great time 8th of August between 13-23 at Hamnmästarens backyard in Malmö?
A: If you only have one day off this summer, this is the place to be! You’ll have a blast!

Meny Hamnmästaren


Tysk oströra av camembert. Serveras med pretzel.
65 kr

Mild Chili
Köttgryta kokt i öl. Tillsätt stark bbq-sås för mer hetta.
95 kr

Pulled Pork
Rub: Brunt socker, svartpeppar, paprika, spiskummin och chili.
Serveras i bröd med coleslaw och picklad rödlök.
109 kr

Pulled Beef
Rub: Brunt socker, paprika, vitlök, svartpeppar, vitpeppar, lök och cayennepeppar.
Serveras i bröd med coleslaw och picklad rödlök.
109 kr

Pulled Chicken
Rub: Brunt socker, dragon, lime, salvia, dill.
Serveras i bröd med coleslaw, och picklad gurka, innehåller ägg.
109 kr

Pulled Veggie
Vegetariskt. Serveras i Bröd med coleslaw och picklad rödlök.
109 kr

Fyra ostar med marmelad och knäckebröd.
115 kr

Fyra praliner från Malmö Chokladfabrik.
68 kr

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