Photo: Ulf Mellander


With todays capacity we can produce 20hL per brew. Our fermentation capacity is 180hL divided over four 20hL and two 50hL stainless steel tanks. These tanks are used for wild beers fermented with a combination of saccharomyces and brettanomyces yeast.
Our capacity goal for 2017 is set to 2000hL.

In our second production area our fermentation is made solely in wooden oak barrels and oak casks. These vessels are used to produce sour beers which are fermented with both brettanomyces, saccharomyces and bacteria strains.
Our fermentation capacity on oak is around 330hL divided over barrels and foeders with sizes from 2 to 60hL.


Our beers are complex and rustic farmhouse ales fermented with wild yeast and often also bacterias. All of our beers are fermented with the wild yeast Brettanomyces which gives the beer its unique characteristics. Some of our beers are also fermented with berries or fruit.

…nothing but natural ingredients and never any artificial nor natural flavorings…

The products are divided into two categories; Wild Bunch and Sour Patch. The Wild Bunch beers are produced continuously and the Sour Patch beers are often special experiments and one-offs fermented with different bacteria cultures.

Almost all of our beers are organic and all of them are vegan (except for B My Honey and B My Alphahoney in which we used local honey).


Do you want to try our beers together with friends or colleagues?
We’re cooperating with a true professional – Joakim Nilsson at About Beer. Joakim has been working in the brewing industry for 20 years and is an trained sommelier.
He arranges tastings in both open and private groups.

Please visit his website for contact and more info, About Beer.

Where to find our products

In Sweden our products are sold through our distributor Brill & Co and some of ours beers are available at Systembolaget. Click here to see which ones!

Our products are also exported and distributed to the following countries either through us or through Brill:

Bulgaria – Kanaal Ood
Canada, British Columbia 
Canada, Ontario – The Craft Brand Co.
Canada, Québec – Office des Grands Crus
ChinaYuma International Trading
Denmark – Det Belgiske Hus
Finland – Pien
France – Donald’s Pub, Angers
France – InterDrinks
GreeceCava Di Patsi
Hong Kong – Frantzens
Hungary – Csak a Jó Sör/Only Good Beer
Iceland – Jarn & Gler
Italy – Millesimi
Netherlands – Bierlijn
New Zealand – The Beer Jerk
Northern IrelandProhibition Drinks
PolandSmak Piwa
RussiaMarket Beer
Slovenia – Hoppiness Beershop
SpainLa Black Flag
United Kingdom – Bottle Shop
US Shelton Brothers

For a complete list of our beers, visit