Upcoming events


April 26-27, Per I Viken Extravaganza, Blå Hallen, Höganäs, Sweden

Meet André, Tobias and Christian in lovely Höganäs. We’ll bring these beers for you to try:

  • Cassis
  • Lick My Bub
  • Mimosa
  • Pavlova
  • Pink Passion
  • Purple Rain
  • Purpur
  • Saison Noble
  • Slice & Dice

Read more about the event on Facebook. See you!

May 3-4, Haandfest, Haandbryggeriet, Drammen, Norway

Meet André in Drammen and try some of our nicest sours. These beers will be poured during the weekend:

  • Aurora
  • Blondette
  • Cassis
  • Cherry Red
  • Curriculo
  • Krikon
  • Lick My Bub
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Slice & Dice
  • Vanilj

Visit the Facebook event for more info!

May 23, Beer Makers Dinner, Haven, Helsinki, Finland

More info will come!

May 24-25, Sour Beer Festival, Helsinki, Finland

More info will come!

May 24-25, Folkölsfestival, Affes kiosk, Helsingborg, Sweden

More info will come!

May/June 31-2, Arrogant Sour Festival, Reggio Emilia, Italy

More info will come!

June 7-9, Big Craft Day, Moscow, Russia

More info will come!

June 29, Brekeriet Bar with Friends, Erikstorp, Landskrona, Sweden

We’re happy to announce that Brekeriet Bar with Friends will be held at Erikstorps Kungsgård in Landskrona this year. Mark June 29th in your calendar. This day will be the perfect start for the Swedish summer.

Here’s all info you need about the event.

Past events

April 6, Haket Festival, Haket, Gothenburg, Sweden

April 5-6, Växjö Beer Festival, Kök 11, Växjö, Sweden

April 2, Spring at the brewery, Brekeriet, Landskrona, Sweden

March 22, Skåne evening, Brewers Beer Bar Magasinsgatan, Gothenburg, Sweden

Thank you all for joining us this evening. 14 different beers from five Skåne breweries on tap, nice pizzas and only music from Skåne. We had a blast! Let’s do this again!

March 15-16, Malmö Beer & Whisky Festival, Malmömässan, Malmö, Sweden

March 14, Beer Cocktails, Peas & Honey, Malmö, Sweden

March 13, Hangman, BrewDog Bar, Malmö, Sweden

March 12, Salt & Pepper Premiere, Bishops Arms Gustav, Malmö, Sweden

March 9, Tap Visit, Taproom, Malmö, Sweden

February 28, Beer Makers Dinner, Syltan, Malmö, Sweden

February 22-23, Annual Icelandic Beer Festival, Reykjavík, Iceland

January 31, Tap Take Over, Barski, Helsingborg, Sweden

Tons of people and lots of beer makes a great evening. Thank you all for showing up! We had a blast.

December 8, Tap Take Over, Braw, Copenhagen, Denmark

November 10, Örebrewfest, Kulturhuset, Örebro, Sweden

November 9, Tap Take Over, Bishops Arms, Västerås, Sweden

October 19-22, What’s Brewing, Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger, you seem to like our beers a lot and we’re very thankful for all for your kind words. And thanks to the What’s Brewing crew for an awesome fest, as always!

See you next year, I hope!

September 7-8, Beavertown Extravaganza, London, United Kingdom

September 1, Beer & Beard IV, Borlänge, Sweden

August 24-25, Brewskival, Helsingborg, Sweden

Awesome as always. Huge thanks to Brewski and all visitors for a fantastic weekend!

August 18, Klackabacken Beer Festival, Önnestad, Sweden

What a party! All of our beer sold out in just a couple of hours and we can’t wait to get back next year. We’ll bring at least double the amount then!

July 21, Benchwarmers & Friends Brewpub, Råå, Sweden

July 13-14, Sour Funky Festival, Eriksberg Vild & Natur, Trensum, Sweden

May 25-26, WoodsCRAK, Fenice Green Energy Park, Padua, Italy

May 25-26, Örebrofestivalen, Örebrokiosken, Helsingborg, Sweden

May 19, Beer-B-Q+Vin, Per i Viken, Höganäs, Sweden

We didn’t know what to expect when Jeff invited us to pour our Landskrona made sours at this event. We were positively surprised with how it turned out. So much joy and love. We’d really love to come back!

May 18-19, Big Craft Day, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia

For the first time we poured some of our Swedish gems in Russia and it was awesome. The event was great and we got really good reviews from the visitors. Exciting times indeed!

May 11-12, Mikkeller Beer Celebration, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

What a weekend! Totally awesome, as every year. Thanks to Mikkeller for inviting us and thanks to all of you that enjoyed our beers.

April 21, Tap Takeover & Meet The Brewer, The Muted Horn, Berlin, Germany

April 6, Tap’n’taste, Håndverkerstuene, Oslo, Norway

April 5, Berliner Weisse Battle, BrewDog Bar, Gothenburg, Sweden

March 29, Vild release, Barr, Copenhagen, Denmark

Among 13 other of our beers, Vild Cassis was released at this awesome bar and restaurant. We’re overwhelmed with all the positive response we got from you guys.

March 24, Haket ölfestival #3, Haket, Gothenburg, Sweden

March 22-25, Beijing Invitational Craft Beer Festival, TRB Copper, Beijing, China

We’re happy to have been invited by Great Leap Brewing to their Invitational Craft Beer Festival in Beijing this year.
Everyone seemed to enjoy our Swedish sour beer and we really hope to be able to ship more beer to China in the future.

March 10-11, Malmö Öl & Whiskyfestival, Malmömässan, Malmö, Sweden

Thank you all for coming to out booth this year. We’re overwhelmed with all the positive reactions and kind words we get for our beers.

See you next year!

February 20, Brekeriet Comes South!, Avenue Pub, New Orleans, US

We had such a great time hanging out with our friends at Avenue Pub in New Orleans, pouring 10 different beers. We will definitely come back to this crazy town!

February 17, WakeFest, Mana Wynwood, Miami, US

This year we were invited to J. Wakefields annual festival and we really had a blast in the Miami sunshine.

Thank you all for trying out our beers!

January 13, Field Trip release, Folk & Friends, Stockholm, Sweden

For the first we had a beer release at Victor and Alli’s cozy place, Folk & Friends, and we really had a nice time. A lot of people came and Field Trip was highly appreciated.
Thanks for having us!

If you’re ever in Stockholm, make sure you pay them a visit and drink some nice session beers!

December 28, Lusse Lelle is coming to town, BrewDog Bar, Gothenburg, Sweden

The last keg of Lusse Lelle were brought to BrewDog Bar in Gothenburg and it lasted for about 90 minutes. Crazy! Were you one of the lucky few to try it out this evening?

November 3-4, All In Beer Fest, Gothenburg, Sweden

October 28, Beer Makers Dinner, Sikrot, Ängelholm, Sweden

Thanks to Sikrot for an amazing dinner. And thanks to all the guests! We sure did have a nice evening.

October 20-21, What’s Brewing, Stavanger, Norway

As awesome as always. Glad you guys appreciated the beers we brought. We’ll be back next year! That’s a fact.

September 22-23, Copenhagen Beer Celebration Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, US

A really nice festival arranged by the Mikkeller team. We really enjoyed our stay in Boston and can’t wait to get back next year!

September 8-9, Beavertown Extravaganza, London, United Kingdom

We had a blast and I’m pretty sure you did too! Can this event even be better?! We hope to come back next year for this epic extravaganza.

September 2-3, Mash Craft Beer Festival, Barcelona, Spain

Ever so beautiful Barcelona! It’s always nice to see you. Thanks to Garage, Edge, Brewski and What’s Brewing for inviting us. And thanks to all the visitors!

September 1-2, One More Beer Festival, Krakow, Poland

We thank everyone who visited us and praised our beers at this nice event. We hope to come back next year again!

August 25-26, Brewskival, Helsingborg, Sweden

August 18-19, Shelton Brothers The Festival, Atlanta, Georgia, US

A great event is over for this year. As good as always. Atlanta treated us well and we will definitely come back.

A big thank you to Shelton Brothers for inviting us and a huge thanks to those of you that tried our Swedish sours this weekend!

August 12, Tap Take Over, Stockholm, Sweden

So, our biggest tap take over so far has come to an end. And what a night!
16 Brekeriet beers on tap made a lot of people show up and a lot of beer were being poured. Thank you all for showing up!

Where shall we have the next big tap take over?!

July 27-29, Landskronakarnevalen, Landskrona, Sweden

June 10, Full Tap Take Over, Skúli Craft Bar, Reykjavik, Iceland

Did you join our largest Tap Take Over ever? We hope you did!
Fredrik and Christian sure had a great time and we will definitely come back to beautiful Reykjavik.

May 19-20, Bergen Beer Fest, Bergen, Norway

Well, well, well, this really was something right?! Bergen really showed us its best side and we will sure come back to visit again some other time.

Thank you!

May 16, Brus Bar, Oslo, Norway

Thank you all for showing up at Brus this fine evening. They will continue to pour Brekeriet beers for you in the future, so why don’t you make a revisit soon?!

May 12-13, Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wow, what a festival! For the fourth year in a row we were invited to this event in Copenhagen and this was without a doubt the best edition ever. So much great people and beer at the same place.

Thank you Mikkeller! We hope to see you all again next year.

April 8-9, Birrificio del Ducato 10th Anniversary, Parma, Italy

Thanks Giovanni and team Ducato for inviting us to your birthday party. We had a blast and wish you a lot of more good years to come! See you soon!

March 31 & April 1, Beer Geek Madness 5, Wrocław, Poland

For the first time Brekeriet went to Poland. It turned out to be a really great event with both beer, music and art and we’d love to come back!

March 25, Brekeriet Bazar, Taproom, Malmö, Sweden

March 10-11, Malmö Öl & Whiskyfestival, Malmömässan, Malmö, Sweden

Christian, André and Amadeus thank you all for visiting us at this years big beer event in Malmö. We’ll meet again next year!

March 11, Hunahpu’s Day, Tampa, Florida, US

Once again we were invited to this crazy event where more than a hundred really good breweries worldwide gets together to pour you two of their best beers.

Fredrik and Emma were there this year, and wishes to thank those stopping by!

February 11, Beer Makers Battle, Erikstorps Kungsgård, Landskrona, Sweden

Together with Bryggkultur 1413 we did this beer makers battle with four courses and eight beers. More than 40 people were there to experience this food and beer pairing and we had a great evening for sure.

February 9, Picnic Sunrise release, Bottle Shop, Stockholm, Sweden

After the success with our Picnic Sour we wanted to do a similar beer but with raspberries instead of rhubarb and so we did. Picnic Sunrise is a 2.7% kettle sour with raspberries added into the fermenter.

The release for Picnic Sunrise was held in the royal capitol and head brewer Christian were there to pour this gem to thirsty customers.

January 28, Brekeriet-Bonanza, Beer Ditch, Malmö, Sweden

November 4-5, All In Beer Fest, Erikbergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden

For the fourth time we were invited to the ever so good All In Beer Fest in cozy Gothenburg. We had a great time and we’re pretty sure you had too.

See you next year!

November 1, Brekeriet Tapping, Local Option, Chicago, Illinois, US

Thank you all for joing us at this Brekeriet evening at Chicagos best beer bar! We had a great time watching the Chicago Cubs kicking ass in the sixth game while drinking Swedish sour beers all night long.

See you again Chicago. That’s a fact!

October 28-29, Shelton Brothers The Festival, Louisville, Kentucky, US

Just as last year we were invited by our US importer to serve beer at this crazy event together with a lot of other great breweries. This year the festival was held at Copper & Kings in Louisville, Kentucky.

I hope you all had a great time. We sure did!

October 21-22, What’s Brewing, Stavanger, Norway

We’re glad to have been invited to Stavanger this year too. Christan were there to pour you some Swedish sour beers and we can’t wait to get back next year.

September 29-1 & October 6-8, Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, Stockholm, Sweden

As always you could find our beers in our distributor Brill & Co’s stand during the two weekends.

This year Fredrik held a Master Class which was very successful and we thank you all for joining us there.

See you next year!

September 23-24, Copenhagen Beer Celebration Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, US

Well this sure was a happy surprise! We got invited to this new Mikkeller event and our reply was of course positive.

We went there, we poured four different beers during the three sessions and that’s what all the other great breweries did too.

Where you there? Well, if not you should have tears in your eyes now. It was a blast!

September 1-3, ABVfest 2016, Carlisle Memorial Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Our importer Prohibition Drinks in Northern Ireland invited us to pour some beer at their small beer fest this year. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it but we sent some fine sours for the visitors to enjoy.

Read more about the fest here!

August 26-27, Brewskival, Brewski, Helsingborg, Sweden

Well, if you weren’t there you should be crying right now!

Thank you Brewski for arranging this awesome fest. And thank you all visitors for enjoying your weekend together with us. We can’t wait ’til next year.

August 13, Brekeriet Bar with friends, Hamnmästaren, Malmö, Sweden

This years edition of Brekeriet Bar is history. What a day! Despite the schizo weather, you all seemed to enjoy yourself. Thanks for making this event epic!

We will do this again, that’s for sure!

July 28-30, Electronic Garden, Landskronakarnevalen, Landskrona, Sweden

Together with the two other Landskrona based beer producers, Brygghuset Finn and Bryggkultur 1413, we served beer at this years LandskronaKarneval.

Thank you all for coming out!

July 29, Bryggarkväll, Hörte Brygg & Jäskafé, Skivarp, Sweden

Fredrik was honored to mingle around and serve beer at this cozy Brekeriet evening in Skivarp. We hope to come back next summer!

July 22-24, Toronto’s Festival of Beer, Bandshell Park, Toronto, Canada

Toronto – here we come!  Thank you for joining us in the Swedish pavilion. Our beers were very well received which of course makes us happy.

See you next year?!

June 18, Farmhouse Fest, Vancouver, Canada

We’re glad to have been invited to his Farmhouse Saison & Wild Ale Festival in Vancouver. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it in person this year, but hopefully next year.

Read more about the event here.

June 11, Mediona Craft Beer Festival, Mediona, Spain

What a cozy and familiar event this was. After two days of vacation in Barcelona, André and Christian got up in the mountains to pour sour beers to the locals and everyone else.

Thank you Montserrat and Carlos for inviting us!

June 3-5, Arrogant Sour Festival, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Some sour beer event huh?! We hope to be back next year and serve you our Swedish sours. Cheers!

May 19-21, Københavns Ølfestival, LokomotivværkstedetCopenhagen, Denmark

We thank you all that made a visit to the stand of our Danish importer, Det Belgiske Hus, and said hi to us and tried our beers. See you again next time!

May 13-14, Copenhagen Beer Celebration, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

For the third year in a row we were invited to this crazy beer event hosted by Mikkeller. In company with many other nice breweries from all over the world we poured eight beers at four different sessions.

We had a great time and we hope to see you all again next year!

April 16, Spring Day, Speakers Corner, Landskrona, Sweden

As some of you might know, the three of us are raised in Annelöv outside of Landskrona.
So the reason us moving our brewery to Landskrona isn’t something made by chance.

Because of the fact that we’re now a Landskrona based brewery we were happy to participate in this “Spring Day” at Speakers Corner in Landskrona city.

April 16, Mini Beer Festival, Haket, Gothenburg, Sweden

A small event between 3pm – 8pm where a couple of breweries are invited to serve their beers at Gothenburgs coziest place.

Fredrik will be there to fill your glass with Brekeriet beers.

April 9, Växjö Ölfestival, Kök11, Växjö, Sweden

Thank you all for visiting us in our stand at this event!

April 1-2, Malmö Öl & Whisky Festival, Malmömässan, Malmö, Sweden

We want to thank all of you that tried our beers at these two days. We sold out two hours before the festival closed and is very happy about that success.

March 31, Brewery Mashup, Söder om Småland, Malmö, Sweden

Five Swedish and five foreign breweries battled against each other. With a five course dinner two beers were served each.

Participating breweries were:

      • Welcoming beer from Cantillon
      • Brekeriet vs. Stillwater
      • Beerbliotek vs. Magic Rock
      • All In Brewing vs. Ska Brewing
      • Nausta Bryggeri vs. Garage Project
      • Malmö Brygghus vs. Mikkeller

March 30, Bremiär, Bishops Arms Gustav, Malmö, Sweden

A nice premiere evening where you could try some of our newly kegged beers.

We hope you had a great time and enjoyed our beers.

March 29, Bøsk Release, Taproom, Malmö, Sweden

Brewski, Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri, Malmö Brewing Co. and yours truly have made a beer together. The result is a new Scanian beer type called Bøsk. Brewed with love and spiced with Scania.

The release day is history but the Bøsk will live!

March 25-28, Swedish Beer Weekend, Moeder Lambic, Brussels, Belgium

Moeder Lambic arranged a Swedish Beer Weekend at both Moeder Lambic Fontainas and Moeder Lambic Original at this years Easter weekend. Four beers from five different Swedish breweries were being poured all weekend.

March 18-19, Brill på Folkis, Bishops Arms Folkungagatan, Stockholm, Sweden

Our Swedish distributor Brill had a Brekeriet weekend at Bishops Arms Folkungagatan in Stockholm. Christian were there to mingle around and pour some of our beers.

We hope you had jolly good time!

From March 10, Öresund festival, Akkurat, Stockholm, Sweden

At Akkurat, the worlds best beer bar, six of our beers was poured during this festival with focus on breweries from the Öresund region.

March 10, Tap Take Over, The Pub, Oslo, Norway

A small tap take over at The Pub in Oslo, where Christian were present to talk about us and our beers.

March 12, Hunahpu’s Day, Tampa, Florida, US

This year we were invited to Cigar City Brewing Company’s “Hunahpu’s Day” which of course meant a great deal for us. Together with some of the worlds best breweries we poured two of our beers this wonderful day.

The beers were poured:

      • Hallon – Our highly rated berry sour ale where freeze dried raspberries has been added to the second fermentation.
      • Vanilj – A “sweet and sour” ale where ground vanilla beans has been added to the fermentation.

We thank all of you who visited us and enjoyed our beers.

March 4-6, Barcelona Beer Festival, Barcelona, Spain

Even this year you were able to drink some Swedish sour beers in the booth of our importer A&V International Hops.

We hope you had a great time!

February 13, Beavertown Birthday Festival, London, United Kingdom

We’re more than happy to have been invited to celebrate Beavertowns 4th birthday at their “Be(aver) My Valentine Birthday Festival”.
Fredrik and Christian were there and poured two of our beers at this joyous event.

Happy birthday Beavertown!

February 11-13, Bergen Ølfestival, Bergen, Norway

Our importer Palmer Group had a booth at this years beer festival in Bergen. A lot of folks payed them a visit and tried out our Brillant, Funkstarter and Saison for the first time.


January 27, Tap visit, Gustav Grill & Bar, Sälen, Sweden

After ski with sour beer?!

Yup! We visited Gustav Grill & Bar and combined their well known quiz after ski evening with a mini tap take over. Three of our beers were poured; Hallon, All Day Sour and Sour & Salt.

This wasn’t the last time we drank sour beer with our ski boots on.

January 11, Meet the Brewmasters, Tröls, Malmö, Sweden

Brekeriet + Brooklyn Brewery + Malmö Brewing Company = true

The first event of the year was as nice and cozy as we all was expected with that line-up. A lot of people, a lot of beer and a lot of warmth made this event an event you’d like to enjoy every single Monday of the year.

Thank you all for showing up!

November 21, Beer Day, Stockholm, Sweden

A nice and cozy beer day where Fredrik attended different events in our capital city. First a mini beer festival at Spritmuseum and then an exclusive beer tasting at Bishops Arms Folkungagatan.
After this there was an after party at Nya Carnegiebryggeriet.

Were you there?

November 6-7, All In Beer Fest, Gothenburg, Sweden

For the third time we’ve been invited to the ever so good All In Beer Fest in cozy Gothenburg. All three of us plus our intern Albin poured a total of six beers during the three sessions.

Thank you all for coming by our stand at the beer fest!

November 5, Beer & cheese tasting, BrewDog Bar, Gothenburg, Sweden

André and cheese oracle David Andelius from “Hilda Nilssons Ost” guided a small group of people through the wonderful world of cheese and beer pairing.

A most excellent and giving evening for all of us with a total of six beers and six cheeses.


October 23-24, What’s Brewing, Stavanger, Norway

This year we’re stoked to have been invited to the well renowned festival What’s Brewing in Stavanger. We poured eight of our beers in four sessions in the same venue as a lot of other well known breweries from all over the world. Awesome indeed!

October 16-17, Shelton Brothers The Festival, St. Petersburg, Florida, US

Just as last year we served beer at this crazy beer event together with a lot of other great breweries. This year the festival was held at The Coliseum in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Make sure you’ll come next year!

October 12-13, Brekeriet Exclusive Tasting, Mikkeller Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

Two nice evenings with sold out tastings – nine different beers paired with canapé created by chef Dan Bark.

October 10, Tap Take Over, Haket, Gothenburg, Sweden

A Tap Take Over at cozy Haket with a nice selection of beers poured by brother Fredrik. A great evening as always at Haket.

October 9, Tap Take Over, Brewers Beer Bar, Gothenburg, Sweden

A Tap Take Over and tasting event with six different beers poured by brother Fredrik. The tasting was fully booked and people really enjoyed the possibility to try a nice range of our sours.

September 24-26 & October 1-3, Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, Stockholm, Sweden

During the whole festival our beers was served in our distributor Brill & Co’s stand.

Christian and André visited the festival with great joy September 25th.

September 12, Bishops Arms Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmö, Sweden

Beer Makers Dinner with some of our more exclusive beers paired with a specially made dinner. Fredrik and Christian were there and guided the guests through the beers and told them the “Brekeriet story”.

September 4-5, Karlskrona Beer Festival, Karlskrona, Sweden

Fredrik visited Karlskrona Beer Festival this year. He held a presentation about Brekeriet and served beer in Brill & Co’s festival stand.

August 14-21, Malmöfestivalen, Malmö, Sweden

During the Malmö festival we released “Söder om Sour” which is a fresh session sour ale (4% ABV) specially made for Söder om Småland on Malmöfestivalen.

August 19, Café Sara, Oslo, Norway

Tasting and tap take over at Café Sara, Hausmannsgate 29, in Oslo.

August 8, Brekeriet Bar with friends, Hamnmästaren, Malmö, Sweden

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