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Wild & Juicy

Wild & Juicy will soon be available at Systembolaget! On Tuesday, to be exact. Have you tried it yet?

Buy it here!

Swedish Ninja

All of the 972 Swedish Ninjas will come out to play at 10.00 AM today.

Buy it here!

Picnic Sour Ale

A new batch is ready to make your spring picnic complete!
Wanna come by the brewery and buy some bottles? Email us at info[a] to set up a date!

Name wanted!

Okay folks, we need your help.
We’ve made a sour beer with freshly roasted coffee and we need a name for this odd creature.
The coffee comes from our friends at Kaffemagasinet in Landskrona, and this is their most exclusive blend “en aning ELEGANS” from the Walters brand


Birthday party!

This weekend we’re glad to have been invited to celebrate Birrificio del Ducato‘s 10th anniversary.
Together with 14 other great breweries we’re pouring our Swedish sour beers and are enjoying a sunny Parma.

Huge congratulations to Giovanni and team Ducato. You guys rock!


Holy Moses!

A new dry hopped Gose sees the light off day. Say hi to Moses Gose!

Our second Berliner Weisse

Every morning starts with some passion fruit juice right?!

Sour & Salt

On Monday at Systembolaget! Need I say more?

Place your order here!

Five years ago

Five years ago we had just gotten started to renovate our old brewing facilities. It feels like yesterday.
And now, while we’re finally about to complete the expansion in the new brewery, you get reminded of all the hours we’ve put into this little project of ours.

I guess we’ll keep going for at least five more years đŸ»

The tiling

Head brewer and tiler Christian is making his new sour beer room nice and cozy, so that the bacteria will do a proper job.

Local King

We brewed a beer with our friends from Jester King and Local Option last May.


The beer has been lying in ten different oak barrels since; six of them with some of our bacteria cultures and four of them with Jester King’s house culture.


Two weeks ago we blended the beer and juicy sea buckthorn were added.


Next week we’ll add raspberries to it, and the world premiere of Local King will be at Mikkeller Beer Celebration in May.

We can’t wait to try the beer together with our fellow collaborators đŸ‘‘đŸ»

Misson almost accomplished

This is where the magic will happen!
If everything goes as planned, the big oak foeders will move in next month.

There shall be sour beers. Wait for it!

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