Jan 2: 2019, here we come!

New year and new exciting things to look forward to!

The brewery is still closed for the holidays but on Monday we’re back in business as usual and January is packed with fun things;

– A new beer, Mimosa, is going into bottles and kegs. Hint: it’s a Mimosa inspired sour ale! 🥂

– A “clean” fruit beer will be transferred from barrels to a fermenter after four months of barrel aging. These non-sour barrels will then be refilled with three other beers for further aging. 🍒

– Our new gluten-free gose with cucumber, Slice & Dice, will be packaged. 🥒

– We will install a new labeler and conveyer belt as a part of our goal to be more effective. 🎰

– This years Cassis will be packaged. 🍇

We’re excited and we hope you are too!

2019, here we come!

Photo credit: The Beertrekker


A new batch of our 4,5% amber sour “Raudhetta” was being blended from 10 bourbon barrels this Monday, in order to settle down before packaging in a few weeks.

And what does this beer have to do with Raudhetta (Red riding hood) then?! Well, nothing of course…

2x house cultures

With the wort from Mondays collab we now have the barrels filled and racked.
A couple of barrels are fermenting with a culture from Jester King and some barrels with our Brekeriet culture.

We can’t wait to blend it all together and taste the end result. But that will have to wait…

New Brekeriet Beer coming up

Here you can see three out of ten bourbon barrels which we’ve used to ferment an amber sour ale on. The day has come to blend the beer which will be bottled next week. The place literally smells like a bourbon distillery!

Now, what should we call this creature?


Say hi and welcome to Arnar – our intern from Iceland!

Finally we’ve found someone to represent Brekeriet, with a nice and gentle soul and some hair on his head.

As his first task he’s deciding the blend for a future beer together with Christian. Some start huh?

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