2x house cultures

With the wort from Mondays collab we now have the barrels filled and racked.
A couple of barrels are fermenting with a culture from Jester King and some barrels with our Brekeriet culture.

We can’t wait to blend it all together and taste the end result. But that will have to wait…

Brekeriet visits Bornholm!

For about three years we’ve been talking about doing a collaboration brew with Jan at Svaneke Bryghus on Bornholm. The day has finally come!

As you can see Fredrik, Christian and Jan is working hard to get this brett pilsner to be as delicious as you can imagine.

Todays adventures…

Today we visited our friends at Rocket Brewing Company in Haslev a bit southwest of Copenhagen to do a collab brew.

Everything went on smooth with this Sour Farmhouse Ale and we hope to give you guys a taste when the beer is ready in a couple of months.


Second test brew: Check!

Yesterday we brewed our second batch ever on our new brewing system. Everything went as planned and we figured out some more ways to make the brew days more effective and giving.


The produced wort will be transported to our old location in Djurslöv for fermentation with both wild yeast and bacteria strains. And 600 liters of it will be made as a collab beer with the great folks at Cycle Brewing, S:t Petersburg, Florida. Wait for it! 😉


The first test batch was a great success

After two days of installing the new brewing equipment we finally got to brew our first 2000 liter batch ever.

The result was very successful and we hope to be able to brew another batch in 2-3 weeks when we’ve trimmed everything in even more.

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