Apr 4: Berliner Weisse Battle

Are you prepared for the battle of the year? Come to Brewdog Bar Göteborg tomorrow.

Brekeriet vs. Brewski – Three Berliner Weisses each – One winner! You’re the judge!

The fighters for this battle is André and ÖlsterGAME ON!

More info here!

Mar 26: Vild release at Barr

On Thursday we’re world premiering the new Vild series, and what better place to do this than at lovely Restaurant Barr in Copenhagen?!

Together with Vild Cassis we’re offering a lot of other yummy beers on tap and bottles.

All four of us will greet you in the bar area from 17.00. See you there!

Read more about the event on Facebook!

Mar 9: Malmö Öl & Whisky Festival

Will we meet at Malmö Öl & Whiskyfestival 2018 this weekend?

We’re bringing 16 different beers and will start off with these six:

  • Sour & Salt
  • Purple Rain
  • Vild Krikon
  • Bridgman Camper
  • Alpha Beta
  • Picnic Sour Ale

We’ll put a new beer on as soon as another one goes dry and the beer we choose depends on your current mood 🙌🏻

Hope to see you later today!

Feb 20: New Orleans

We’re visiting Avenue Pub in New Orleans tonight, and we’d love to see you there!
Are you in town, by chance? Please swing by and try some Swedish wild ales and chitchat with Fredrik and André!

Read more about the event here: Brekeriet Comes South!

Oct 27: What should we call our precious sour beer?

Finally the panel discussion from Beavertown Extravaganza is up. Here you can see André discussing the nomenclature of sour beer together with Pierre Tilquin from Gueuzerie Tilquin and Tomme Arthur from The Lost Abbey.

Pop yourself some popcorn, crack open a cold one and enjoy this nerdy symposium. Cheers!

Beer Makers Dinner på Sikrot i Ängelholm

På lördag håller broder Fredrik hov på Sikrot Restaurang i Ängelholm.
Enastående mat och dryck kommer varvas med känslosamma och tårdrypande tal om brödraskap, framtida planer och om bryggeriets allmänna syn på träslaget ek.

Meny för kvällen:

– Knivmussla med brynt smör-emulsion och gelé på gröna äpple.
Öl: Lusse Lelle

– Tartar på svensk hängmörad oxfilé med brioché ”hot dog style”, tryffelmajonäs och ketchup på Vikentomater.
Öl: Swedish Ninja

– Långtidsbrässerad Ibericogriskind med dill, lök och kantareller.
Öl: Raudhetta

– Passionsfruktssorbet på Berliner Spazz

– Svartpepparflamberad ananas med glass på fårmjölk, kondenserad mjölk och bakad bittermandelkaka.
Öl: Fruit Salad

Kontakta Sikrot för bordsbokning!

Väl mött!

What’s Brewing

This weekend we’re at the amazing What’s Brewing in Stavanger and it’s probably the best arranged festival we’ve been to. This is the third year we’re here and we can’t wait to get back.

Right now we’re pouring our gluten-free oat Berliner ‘Pink Passion’ and our brand new Lichtenhainer ‘Bridgman Camper’ (Transient collab).

One more beer festival for you!

This time in beautiful Krakow, Poland. 30 breweries from all around the world will be at One More Beer Festival 2017 to pour you their preciousness.

Christian and Amadeus will be the ones coming from Brekeriet. Hope to see you there!

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