Jan 2: 2019, here we come!

New year and new exciting things to look forward to!

The brewery is still closed for the holidays but on Monday we’re back in business as usual and January is packed with fun things;

– A new beer, Mimosa, is going into bottles and kegs. Hint: it’s a Mimosa inspired sour ale! 🥂

– A “clean” fruit beer will be transferred from barrels to a fermenter after four months of barrel aging. These non-sour barrels will then be refilled with three other beers for further aging. 🍒

– Our new gluten-free gose with cucumber, Slice & Dice, will be packaged. 🥒

– We will install a new labeler and conveyer belt as a part of our goal to be more effective. 🎰

– This years Cassis will be packaged. 🍇

We’re excited and we hope you are too!

2019, here we come!

Photo credit: The Beertrekker

Oct 1: The family is growing

Today we’re welcoming Tobias to the Brekeriet family. Tobias is a former sushi chef who studies to become a brewer. Here at Brekeriet he will mainly work as a brewer and product developer together with Christian and Amadeus

Great to have you here, Tobias!

Oct 30: New blending tanks

We’re one step closer to the release of our new range of beers, Vild.

These tanks will be used mainly for blending beers from barrels and foeders. They will also be used for secondary fermentation with fruits and berries and when we dry hop our Vilds.

Expect the first Vild beers to be released in bottles in early 2018 


If you’re in Skåne:
Swing by Malmö Öl & Whiskyfestival and get yourself something refreshingly sour in your glass poured by our newly hired brewer Amadeus. He’s just as friendly as he looks and we’re happy to welcome him into the Ek brotherhood.

If you’re in Tampa:
Swing by Hunahpu’s Day 2017 and say hi to Fredrik and Emma in the Brekeriet stand. They’ll happily pour you a Picnic Sour or a Blondette to enjoy in the Florida sunshine.

Have a nice Saturday folks!

Några snabba frågor till Brekeriet

Beernews.se har i sin senaste enkätserie bland annat frågat oss om hur 2016 var och vad 2017 har att erbjuda.
Läs här om våra kommande planer för slutlig flytt från Djurslöv och större produktion i Landskrona.

Trevlig lillördag!

Brillant briljerar

Drygt två månader har gått sedan vi släppte Brillant i lokalsortimentet på Systembolaget. Det var en efterlängtad lansering av oss men glädjande nog även för er, om vi tolkar siffrorna rätt. Brillant släpptes först bara i fyra butiker men har sedan ett par veckor tillbaka funnits i minst 18 butiker över hela landet och det har vi er att tacka för!

Detta innebär att vi nu börjat planera för en utökning av vår jäskapacitet för att på så sätt kunna möta efterfrågan samtidigt som vi vill släppa nya öl kontinuerligt.

Eftersom vi brygger öl i Svea rike får vi inte uppmana er att köpa mer Brillant, men ni vet ju vad ni ska göra ändå. Eller hur?!

Klicka här för att se om Brillant säljs i din närhet!

Folks, just to put things in perspective

These two photos (click to enlarge) are taken from the same spot – one in the middle of June last year, and one today. As you can see we’ve had some job with this new brewery of ours but finally everything is rolling as it should.

Every single bottle of the 25000 we’ve put in cases so far have been sold. That’s a crazy amount of three beers no one has ever tasted. We’re overwhelmed to say the least!

In a near future people in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, USA, China and many other countries around the world will be able to try the newly brewed Brillant, Saison and Funkstarter for the first time. That’s a dream coming true for three brothers who started a small beer import company on their spare time almost six years ago.

We sincerely thank you for your support and for keep following us. We promise to keep working hard for you to have nice beers to drink forever…forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?!

And by the way. Yesterday we brewed our 12th batch in the new brewery. That’s 24000 liters of beer since late November – the whole year of 2015 we produced 38000 liters in total.

Just to put things in perspective, folks.

Feel free to share our passion with your beloved ones. Peace out!

/Fredrik, Christian and André Ek


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