Second test brew: Check!

Yesterday we brewed our second batch ever on our new brewing system. Everything went as planned and we figured out some more ways to make the brew days more effective and giving.


The produced wort will be transported to our old location in Djurslöv for fermentation with both wild yeast and bacteria strains. And 600 liters of it will be made as a collab beer with the great folks at Cycle Brewing, S:t Petersburg, Florida. Wait for it! 😉


New bottling line

Today Christian has been visiting the German manufacturer of our new bottling line, KTM Troxler, in Ettenheim.

The main purpose of the visit was to learn how to set the machine up and to make it work in line with our other bottling components at the brewery.

With 2300 bottles per hour this machine is going to make our lives so much easier 🙂

The first test batch was a great success

After two days of installing the new brewing equipment we finally got to brew our first 2000 liter batch ever.

The result was very successful and we hope to be able to brew another batch in 2-3 weeks when we’ve trimmed everything in even more.

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The floor is here!

Finally our brewing area has gotten a proper floor where we can mess around with water and have a jolly good time.

The wall tiles is also starting to get into place and on Wednesday we hope to be able to brew the first test batch.

Fingers crossed! 

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