Systembolaget – here we come! ❤

Efter knappt två års avsaknad av våra öl på Systembolaget är det åter dags för våra flaskor att landa på hyllan. Den 2:e maj släpps Brillant i Systembolagets lokala sortimentet och kommer finnas tillgänglig att beställa flaskvis till landets alla butiker och ombud.

Brillant är vår tolkning på en frisk och okomplicerad törstsläckare i stilen Saison som kommer komplettera vårens och sommarens solsken med bravur.

Brillant kostar 29,90:- och kommer pryda hyllan i dessa butiker:

Trädgårdsgatan, Landskrona

Hansa, Malmö

Väla, Helsingborg

Västra Hamnen, Malmö

Efterfrågan bestämmer i vilka butiker Brillant kommer finnas, så om du saknar flaskan i din älsklingsbutik är det bara att fråga efter den.

Spring day at Speakers Corner

As some of you might know, the three of us are raised in Annelöv outside of Landskrona.
So the reason us moving our brewery to Landskrona isn’t something made by chance.

Because of the fact that we’re now a Landskrona based brewery we’re happy to participate in this Saturday’s “Spring Day” at Speakers Corner in Landskrona city.
Swing by to try four of our beers and chitchat with André.

Click here for more info!

How about us giving you the perfect summer treat?!

Our newest baby, Rhuboise, has just gotten its final rhubarb and raspberry dose and is somewhat eager to get into small bottles for you to enjoy this summer.

If everything goes as planned you should be able to order your Rhuboise bottles through Systembolaget from the beginning of June.

And hey, don’t worry, as always we only use real fruit and berries in our brews!

Folks, just to put things in perspective

These two photos (click to enlarge) are taken from the same spot – one in the middle of June last year, and one today. As you can see we’ve had some job with this new brewery of ours but finally everything is rolling as it should.

Every single bottle of the 25000 we’ve put in cases so far have been sold. That’s a crazy amount of three beers no one has ever tasted. We’re overwhelmed to say the least!

In a near future people in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, USA, China and many other countries around the world will be able to try the newly brewed Brillant, Saison and Funkstarter for the first time. That’s a dream coming true for three brothers who started a small beer import company on their spare time almost six years ago.

We sincerely thank you for your support and for keep following us. We promise to keep working hard for you to have nice beers to drink forever…forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?!

And by the way. Yesterday we brewed our 12th batch in the new brewery. That’s 24000 liters of beer since late November – the whole year of 2015 we produced 38000 liters in total.

Just to put things in perspective, folks.

Feel free to share our passion with your beloved ones. Peace out!

/Fredrik, Christian and André Ek


Second test brew: Check!

Yesterday we brewed our second batch ever on our new brewing system. Everything went as planned and we figured out some more ways to make the brew days more effective and giving.


The produced wort will be transported to our old location in Djurslöv for fermentation with both wild yeast and bacteria strains. And 600 liters of it will be made as a collab beer with the great folks at Cycle Brewing, S:t Petersburg, Florida. Wait for it! 😉


New bottling line

Today Christian has been visiting the German manufacturer of our new bottling line, KTM Troxler, in Ettenheim.

The main purpose of the visit was to learn how to set the machine up and to make it work in line with our other bottling components at the brewery.

With 2300 bottles per hour this machine is going to make our lives so much easier 🙂

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