Jan 8: New caps

Today we got a whole bunch of new caps for the coming Vild series. All of the beers in our Vild series are fermented in oak barrels for at least six months and the beers will mainly be packaged in 375ml champagne bottles with a cork and the new 29mm cap.

We hope to release the first two beers within three months and we are preeeetty excited over here! 🙃

Oct 31: Julen är här!

Klockan 10.00 i morgon smäller det! Då är julen här! Lusse släpps på Systembolaget!

Det ska lussas i bryggeriet! Lussekatter ska bakas, ljus ska stöpas, snö ska skottas och granen ska pyntas. Vem blir årets Lucia? När kommer tomten? Vem vägrar dansa till Bosse Larssons julsånger? Vem höjer stämningen med den vita glöggen?

Julen är kommen! Vem längtar? 🤶🏻🎅🏻

Brekeriet Vild

In the beginning of next year we will release a spanking new series of Brekeriet beers, Vild. A Vild is a beer fermented and aged in oak barrels for at least six months.

Right now we’re planning and trying different blends for the first beers to be released, and it tastes pretty damn promising.

We’re excited and we think you should be too!

Lusse Lelle, Lusse Lelle, 14 veckor före jul!

Today we’re packaging the first bottles of our Christmas beer. It’s not necessarily a traditional Christmas beer, but we’re not exactly a traditional brewery either. Lusse Lelle is a Berliner Weisse with a serious amount of saffron added in the fermentation.
It tastes pretty much how it sounds, alldeles alldeles underbart, and all of the 24000ish bottles will be available at Systembolaget from 1st of November.

God jul! 🎅🏻

Gluten free passion

What most of you don’t know is that André’s wife is a celiac and can’t drink beverages containing gluten, such as beer for example. Isn’t that a bit ironic, being the wife of a brewery owner?
Well, not any longer because today we packaged our first gluten free beer, Pink Passion.

Pink Passion is an oat Berliner with passion fruit and hibiscus flowers, ready to be drunk by all of you celiac freaks out there in a couple of weeks.

The Ek brothers

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