Jun 17: Leaf Drop

This week starts off with great news for the Brekeriet crew!
We won a Systembolaget tender for this autumn which means that 40000 bottles of Leaf Drop will hit the shelves all over Sweden in October 🎉

Leaf Drop is an autumn Saison, whatever that might be.
One thing we know though, it’s time to start brewing this beauty asap 💪🏼

Jul 31: Saison Noble

Okay, friends!
I (André) am back from four weeks of well deserved summer holiday. Fredrik’s also here!
The absence on our social media channels has been somewhat total lately, but from mid August, when the brewers (Christian and Amadeus) gets back, we will have full action in the brewery again.

Until then, do you remember the not so sour saison we told you about two months ago? The Saison Noble? Well, it’s being released at Systembolaget tomorrow. Still not sour. Still only a not so sour brett fermented saison.
A noble saison. Does that term even exist?!

Click here for more info at Systembolaget.

May 30: Saison Noble

We’ve made a noble saison. It’s called Saison Noble. It’s elegant and somewhat noble.

We do mind you – this is not a sour beer – it’s a brett fermented saison. If you drink this beer and find it to be; -“…not as sour as I expected!”, there’s nothing wrong with the beer in that sense. It’s supposed to be like that. Because it’s not a sour beer. It’s a noble saison, hence the name Saison Noble.

Release at Systembolaget this summer.

Cheers! ❤️


Vem längtar efter våren?

Idag buteljeras vårt senaste tillskott i Brekeriet-familjen, Rhubarbe. Denna skönhet släpps som en fast produkt på Systembolaget den 1:e mars och kommer initialt att finnas på hyllan i 78 butiker, så detta är stor vinst för oss.

Rhubarbe är en lätt syrlig ekologisk Saison med rabarber. Med sina 5% kommer detta bli en perfekt vår- och sommardryck i goda vänners lag.

Skål för våren!


Saison till Systembolaget den 1:e september!

Det är med stor glädje vi meddelar att vår Saison vunnit en fast lansering på Systembolaget. Till en början kommer den finnas på minst 38 butiker runt om i landet men går så klart också att beställa till vilken butik som helst.

Klicka här för att läsa mer om ölen och var den finns. Skål!

Saison till Systembolaget i september!

Det är med stor glädje vi meddelar att vår Saison vunnit en fast lansering på Systembolaget.

Vår Saison är en rustik, fruktig och smakrik ale i stilen saison. Den släpps den 1:e september i 32 butiker och kommer kosta 29,70:-.

Nu längtar vi väl bara till hösten också. Eller hur?

Folks, just to put things in perspective

These two photos (click to enlarge) are taken from the same spot – one in the middle of June last year, and one today. As you can see we’ve had some job with this new brewery of ours but finally everything is rolling as it should.

Every single bottle of the 25000 we’ve put in cases so far have been sold. That’s a crazy amount of three beers no one has ever tasted. We’re overwhelmed to say the least!

In a near future people in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, USA, China and many other countries around the world will be able to try the newly brewed Brillant, Saison and Funkstarter for the first time. That’s a dream coming true for three brothers who started a small beer import company on their spare time almost six years ago.

We sincerely thank you for your support and for keep following us. We promise to keep working hard for you to have nice beers to drink forever…forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?!

And by the way. Yesterday we brewed our 12th batch in the new brewery. That’s 24000 liters of beer since late November – the whole year of 2015 we produced 38000 liters in total.

Just to put things in perspective, folks.

Feel free to share our passion with your beloved ones. Peace out!

/Fredrik, Christian and André Ek


Beer in bottles 

After four long and physically hard working days, we finally have all of our beer in bottles for this time.

Everything went along smoothly once we discovered and corrected what could go wrong. Hopefully next bottling session will be executed in super sonic speed, if we get to decide.

Happy new year!

The Ek brothers wishes you all a happy new year!

2015 has been a very eventful and exciting year and 2016 will without a doubt be just as great.

These are some of the things you can expect from Brekeriet next year:
– Increased capacity and sales

– Release of Brillant and Funkstarter, amongst others, at Systembolaget

– Festivals and events in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, USA and more

– New brand identity with new stylish labels

We hope that you stay with us on our journey! Happy New Year!

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