Oct 16: Cherry Cherry Lady

In August last year we brewed a beer together with Green Bench Brewing Co. from St. Petersburg, Florida.
That particular beer has been aged in oak barrels for 10 months before we blended it and added generous amounts of cherries to it 🍒

This Friday we’ll release Cherry Red at Systembolaget.

Over and out!

Feb 20: New Orleans

We’re visiting Avenue Pub in New Orleans tonight, and we’d love to see you there!
Are you in town, by chance? Please swing by and try some Swedish wild ales and chitchat with Fredrik and André!

Read more about the event here: Brekeriet Comes South!

Jan 16: Bridgman Camper

På fredag släpps vår samarbetsbrygd med det eminenta Michiganbryggeriet Transient Artisan Ales på Systembolaget.

Ölet heter Bridgman Camper och är vår tolkning av den utdöda ölstilen Lichtenhainer; lätt rökig, lätt syrlig och alldeles alldeles underbar om du frågar oss.

För några veckor sedan hade vi Niklas från Livets Goda på besök. I artikeln skriver han om just Bridgman Camper, om vår kommande lansering av Pink Passion och även lite om vår stundande Vild-lansering. Väldigt trevlig läsning!

Här hittar du Bridgman Camper på Systembolagets hemsida.

Local King

I maj förra året bryggde vi ett öl tillsammans med Jester King Brewery från Texas och Local Option från Chicago.
Detta suröl, som fått jäsa på ekfat med både vår och Jester Kings huskultur och sedan fått sin beskärda del havtorn och hallon i sig, släpps på Systembolaget imorgon.

Av någon anledning är den dock försenad och ska förhoppningsvis bli beställningsbar på lördag, men finns på hyllan i vinkällarbutikerna från imorgon.
1980st 75cl-flaskor totalt.

Anyone recognizes these fine gents?

Actually, we brewed a beer together with them today.

Or…we brewed the beer that was supposed to be a collaboration brew, because these fine gents didn’t show up due to problems with the public transportations.
They have however promised to make a second attempt to show up in a couple of months.
With this being said you can look forward to not only one but two (!) collabs between Brekeriet and Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co during the coming year.

Todays recipe will result in the most advanced beer we’ve ever made, including difficult words as “kettle sour”, “foeder” and “foraged ingredients”.
How does that sound to you?

Any suggestions for our upcoming collab btw? We can do anything except a clean beer. Because who wants that anyway?!

Local King

We brewed a beer with our friends from Jester King and Local Option last May.


The beer has been lying in ten different oak barrels since; six of them with some of our bacteria cultures and four of them with Jester King’s house culture.


Two weeks ago we blended the beer and juicy sea buckthorn were added.


Next week we’ll add raspberries to it, and the world premiere of Local King will be at Mikkeller Beer Celebration in May.

We can’t wait to try the beer together with our fellow collaborators 👑🍻

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