Nov 22: Christmas at the brewery!

Mark December 6th in your calendar. Between 16-18 you’re welcome to the brewery to buy your Christmas gifts!

During these two hours we will sell folk- and lättöl, Brekeriet glasses and tote bags.

Field Trip: 30:-/bottle
Lusse Lille: 30:-/bottle
Picnic Sour Ale: 20:-/bottle
Picnic Sunrise: 25:-/bottle
Purpur: 55:-/bottle
Rips: 55:-/bottle
Glasses: 30:-/glass
Tote Bag: 100:-/bag

Cash, card and Swish are accepted.

We will not pour any beer at the brewery and you are not allowed to enter the building due to safety regulations from the fire department. You will be able to see most of the place from the gate anyway though.

Welcome to Österleden 165 in Landskrona between 16.00 and 18.00! ❤️

Oct 19: Maschusch + Nyhetsmorgon = sant

Vi avslutar arbetsveckan med ett klipp från morgonens Nyhetsmorgon, där vår Maschusch fick stå i rampljuset.

Maschusch testas ca 12.10 in i klippet som kan ses här!

Trevlig helg!

Oct 16: Cherry Cherry Lady

In August last year we brewed a beer together with Green Bench Brewing Co. from St. Petersburg, Florida.
That particular beer has been aged in oak barrels for 10 months before we blended it and added generous amounts of cherries to it 🍒

This Friday we’ll release Cherry Red at Systembolaget.

Over and out!

Sep 21: Sieben

In August last year we made a collab brew with our Tampa friends, 7venth Sun Brewery.

Sieben is the 7venth beer in our Vild series and we love it. The beer can be ordered through Systembolagets webpage.

Over and out! 🎈

Sep 4: Maschusch

På fredag smäller det!

Årets upplaga av vår vilding med fläderblommor, Maschusch, släpps på Systembolaget och Niklas på Livets Goda har smakat den.

Klicka här för att läsa vad han tycker!

Aug 9: The Vild ones

When we got the idea to the Brekeriet Vild series, wanting to release beers that are barrel aged, complex and more exclusive – we also felt it was important to use bottles that are significantly different to our standard bottles. We discussed using small champagne bottles with cork and cap, but the most important thing would be the label artwork.

We scrolled through our inbox for illustrators that had reached out to us – and found one that stood out! With great skills in hand lettering and rad illustrations we knew that Andreas Pedersen was our man for the job.

Here is a piece of his great work. Enjoy!


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